Bid Track Sell proudly boasts a 5-star rating on the Salesforce AppExchange.


Helps Keep Project-Related Information Organized

As a product rep with multiples product lines, Bid Track Sell is a time-saver for me because it provides me a single place to keep my customer, manufacturer and project information organized. I have come to rely on it for reminders to follow through with what I have promised, as well as follow up on outstanding quotes. The mobile app is helpful when I’m about to walk into a client meeting, giving me access to contact names and related projects and applicable activity with that individual client.
Cynthia Ortiz


Great Product for Sales Reps

This is the product we have been looking for! As sales reps we have very specific things that we needed our program to do and Bid Track Sell has somehow seemed to nail it. It’s everything that we needed to keep our business on track and more. The best part is that we didn't need to do any set up, it was all done and ready to go!
Jessica Mikula


Efficiently keeps track of multiple sales per project

As a multi-line rep, this program easily helps me keep track of multiple product sales under one project. The reporting options help me quickly reconcile sales reports I receive from each manufacturer I represent and help me track and project monthly income. The creators at Bid Track Sell were agreeable to making a few adjustments to dropdown lists that were relevant to my specific market. A great tool for multi-line reps!
Mary Blanchard


Allows me and my team to stay on top of projects

As a product representative managing multiple lines, distributors and projects, it is important that our follow up be impeccable. Bid Track Sell has allowed our team to stay focused on the business while creating an image with my customers that I am on the ball! Since Bid Track Sell I have received more compliments than I can count. The best was “Wow, I wish all our reps followed up the way you do.” Would never have gotten that without Bid Track Sell! Thanks for keeping me and my team at the top of our game.
Dena Taylor


Exceptional Product with Matching Support

I don't normally sing praises on reviews, but this system is great. You can easily track all types of sales data, over multiple, distinct geographies and run pinpoint reports to track how your business is doing and properly grow it. Not only that, but Bob is very responsive on questions, and happy to help when you're learning its capabilities. I highly recommend this product! Thank you.
Will Boardman


Projects at a Glance

Having only used Bid Track Sell for a little over 3 months now and input data from the first of the year, we as multi-line reps can start to see fruits of our labor. It's an organized system of data all in one place. Having different reps in different territories, this allows us to get a handle on the entire business as a whole. No more second guessing when items are going to close/post. No more hand notes on paper or paper files on each project. It’s all right at your fingertips with any smart phone, tablet or computer. Reports let you follow up on prospective clients and new leads, previous quotes and so much more. This is the tip of the benefits, we learn and explore items each week with its abilities. Thanks for such a great product. Highly recommend!
Jim Clayton


Simplified Project Management

This program has allowed us to eliminate many of the paper files that take up so much space. With just a few short clicks, I am able to easily locate and access information for any project or contact. The creators at Bid Track Sell even helped us customize portions of the program to best fit our business needs.
Jesiy Brown


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