Our Story

Bob Foster is the president and owner of FOSTER Engineered Products, a manufacturers’ rep agency that markets products in Arizona, Nevada, and Southern California. During the economic downturn, Foster determined that one obstacle to his organization’s growth was the lack of an effective way to track progress during the sales process. Knowing that sales cycles can be complete and take anywhere from one day to three years, he outlined requirements for a system that could handle the variation.


Foster’s research led him to Salesforce, which was designed to handle complexities like those required by manufacturers reps. More specifically, it led him to Marisa Hambleton, owner of MH2X, a Salesforce implementation partner. With over 20 years of experience in technology, Hambleton worked with Foster and used her software and Salesforce expertise to make Bid Track Sell a reality.

After implementing the product in his manufacturers rep agency and seeing firsthand how it helped increase sales, simplify reps’ workflows, and improve customer service, Foster set out to productize the solution so other rep agencies could realize similar benefits. Foster coined the name ‘Bid Track Sell’ to clearly describe what the tool helps agencies accomplish.