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View who you bid, and the scope of products quoted. Keep tabs on all project details and bid dates with a fully collaborative built-in calendar that automatically updates with status changes. Calendar views show bid dates, task dates and event dates.



Let us take care of the hard stuff. Automatic reminders are set every time you enter a quote and pre-programmed reports summarize all your quote statuses for you. Track multiple quotes to multiple customers on project.



Sometimes the most important work happens after the sale. We offer an efficient way to manage post order information, commissions, contract modifications, change orders and submittals.


Why should manufacturers use Bid Track Sell?


Uncover Insights

Built in graphs that display business trends such as:
• Which products are selling
• How much material do I really need to order to supply my backlog
• What is my sales team or reps selling and not selling?
• Which architects are specifying our products and which are not?
• What is the success rate of my sales team or reps (by state, zip code, territory)?
• Track what you are quoting and who you are quoting.
• Don’t wonder about the results of your quote, know the results of your quote.
• Track submittals, contract modifications and email strings.
• Track order status.
• Track commissions.
• Attach all project related information so it is accessible any time anywhere from any device that connects to the internet.

Security settings allow your Sales team or Independent Reps to access your system and see only what you want them to see. There is no follow up required by you if your sales team or Reps can access and update the statuses. This level of visibility gets your team on the same page.


Access Information On the Go

Bid Track Sell replaces your outdated paper and file system, giving you faster access to all your organization’s information from anywhere via smartphone, tablet, or laptop. With detailed account information at your fingertips, you instantly become more effective and successful.


Improve Productivity

Know what happens to the quote after you send it to your Rep or Distributor. Track the relationships between you and your Sales Team and your Sales teams customers. Stop wondering “what happened with all the quotes we sent out last month” and start KNOWING what happened.



• Security: data is backed up on multiple systems around the world. Your data is also sent to you monthly to back up on your own system if you prefer.
• Collaborate on projects and calendars
• Salesforce exchange integrations
• Compatible with Salesforce apps
• Syncs with Outlook and Gmail
• Historical data: view Customer, Account, Project, Product and Manufacturer history
• Attachments: attach quotes and project information so it is readily available to you and your team.
• Commission tracking
• Contract modifications
• Submittals:Track the status of submittal packages, samples, shop drawings, engineering


100% Salesforce Native

Bid Track Sell was built on the same Force platform as Salesforce – the most widely used customer relationship management (CRM) system available. Why does this matter to you? The relationship between Bid Track Sell and Salesforce means you have access to an exceptionally reliable, scalable, secure solution.

Although Bid Track Sell is a standalone application, it’s fully integrated with Salesforce. That means there’s no additional subscription to Salesforce required and you’ll benefit from automatic Bid Track Sell updates and data back-ups.


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