Never Miss a Quote Follow-up Again


Quotes are critical to the sales process. You know the competition has a quote submitted to your prospect as well. Staying on top of the process and connected to your contact can make or break the deal. Yet with all the other tasks on your plate how can you be sure to not miss a quote follow-up call?

Seasoned reps make notes on calendars or sticky notes or email themselves reminders. These tactics may increase their odds of remembering but are imperfect and require additional work. And what if that rep is unexpectedly out of the office? How does anyone else know what open quotes are to be follow up on and when?

Agencies using a company-wide CRM system have the advantage of a centralized database with all project information available to everyone who needs it. A CRM brings everyone into the loop with a systematic approach helping to ensure those all-important follow-ups get made on time, every time. A CRM specifically designed for manufacturer reps ensures the entire team has a single view of project status and understands next steps.

In the Bid Track Sell CRM system, entering quote statuses automatically generate a follow-up reminder assigned to the quote or project owner. The quote information is entered and stored in the system and tied to the project, account, contact, and manufacturer.   

When the follow up date arrives a Task will show up on the “My Tasks” list on the Home screen. And when they select the quote to follow up, all the pertinent information displays on their screen (phone numbers, emails, contact, and product). 

In addition, each time a quote status is updated, the system updates the win/loss data for the project, account, contact, product and manufacturer. Pre-programmed reports are automatically updated with this information providing accurate sales data in real time.

No IT department or IT person required. Bid Track Sell is ready to use. Try it for yourself by signing up for a free trial. If you prefer to talk to an experienced manufacturers rep who is using Bid Track Sell, contact us!

Kyle Domer