Keeping a Competitive Edge as a Manufacturers Rep Agency

You have built your agency and portfolio of manufacturers over the years by skill and persistence. You not only know your business and market inside and out, you know your manufacturers’ as well. And they know it, which is why they chose you to represent them.

But how do you keep that competitive edge as your business and portfolio continue to grow? How can you continually reassure your manufacturers that they made the best choice? You work hard to stay on top of your manufacturers’ needs and requests. But working hard does not always mean working smart. If you find yourself digging through files to find critical information or spending hours pulling together presentations, you risk dropping the ball. Bid Track Sell can help.


Bid Track Sell enables you to get rid of those files, folders, and spreadsheets and put them in a safe, secure place – right at your fingertips.  Everything you need to know about your business, reps, customers and manufacturers are accessible through your PC, tablet or mobile device. You no longer need to depend on “in-office days” to pull together information for quotes and reports – it's all right in front of you, no matter where you are.

Your manufacturers will appreciate that you have all of your quotes, forecasts, customer and prospect information ready to access in real-time.  You won’t need to stumble when answering unexpected questions – your entire business landscape will be right in front of you, ready to share. Face-to-face meetings will become infinitely more productive and you’ll be able to work with your manufacturer to handle any pending needs on the spot.

Requests for quotes and actual bids can be sent and tracked through Bid Track Sell.  You’ll never miss an important meeting – your calendar and contact list will be at your fingertips. You’ll even get reminders so you’ll never forget a follow up.  Sales tracking couldn’t be easier with Bid Track Sell – everything is compiled in one place. There’s no need to mesh together multiple spreadsheets. And Bid Track Sell can easily generate charts and graphs to help you illustrate your presentations.

Bid Track Sell will keep you organized, efficient and productive, helping you and your manufacturers improve profitability.  With market and business information immediately accessible, you will become the go-to expert for those you represent. This means you are less likely to hear those dreaded words: “We’ve decided to make a change...”

Your manufacturers hired you because they knew you were the best. Show them they were right every day, with the help of Bid Track Sell.

Sign up for a free trial and see how you can gain a competitive edge and provide even more value to your manufacturers.

Kyle Domer