Increase Profitability with a CRM Specifically for Manufacturers Reps


CRM solutions have transformed countless businesses from being mildly profitable into lean, mean operating machines. Companies commonly report increasing sales revenue and slashing operating expenses with a new implementation. The value has been proven time after time.

Out of the box, CRM systems come with a powerful set of core capabilities and are also designed for easy customizations, add-ons, and integrations so businesses can tailor their system to create the most effective business automation tools possible for their unique organizations.

Choosing an industry-specific CRM provides the additional benefit of implementing a solution that has already been tailored to address industry needs without having to work through a lengthy customization process on your own. It’s essentially a plug-and-play tool, customized to follow a manufacturers reps sales process and achieve business results almost immediately.

Top 4 Ways Manufacturers Reps Can Increase Profitability with a CRM

Whether your business goals are to increase sales, improve profitability, or reduce costs, a good first step is a CRM system. With a clear view into business operations you will be more informed and better able to prepare an accurate forecast, review sales pipeline, and make decisions that eliminate waste and streamline processes.

Access Contact & Project Details 24 x 7 
CRM systems capture all critical data in one place. No more hunting for emails, files in the cloud, printouts in folders, or Post-it notes on desks. Every communication, file, and contact is available for all users to see simultaneously, from any device, anywhere.

Administrators can find documents when reps are in the field, managers can review project status at any time, and peers can easily get up to speed on a new account and take over quickly if a co-worker is unavailable.

Avoid Delayed Responses and Lost Deals
With the many players involved in a manufacturers reps sales cycle, from manufacturers and architects to builders and customers, keeping all the communication for any given project straight is difficult. Lengthy sales cycles add to the challenge of staying organized and keeping projects on track.

CRM systems automatically track all communication and clearly show who is involved in every project for easy tracking. It can also send reps automated tasks so that next steps are clear. As a result, important stages in the sales process are less likely to be missed.

Analyze Business Information
In a paper-based organization, it can be difficult to get an accurate picture of project status or build a realistic pipeline. With business communications housed in each employee’s email and on paper (somewhere) it’s hard for an agency owner to find the information he/she is looking for at any given time. Tracking profitability by customer or product is nearly impossible.

With a CRM system implemented, dashboards and reporting are available with a click. You have a clear view of the state of your business and can easily analyze critical business data like revenue by product and employee productivity.

Decrease Operating Expenses
Operating from a CRM system (vs a paper tracking system) decreases operating costs overall by significantly reducing the cost of supplies like paper, ink, and folders. More significantly it reduces space requirements for physical filing systems and may eliminate headcount.

Try a Custom Manufacturers Rep CRM System In your Business at No Charge

Bid Track Sell is built on Salesforce and mirrors the workflow of a manufacturers rep. The pre-built system helps independent manufacturers reps easily access and use their business data to transform their business. It helps reduce costs and improve win-rates which enhances the value of your business. To find out how much more effective your manufacturers rep agency can be, sign up for a demo and free trial of the leading CRM solution for manufacturers reps.

Kyle Domer