Eliminate “Office Days” and Increase Time with your Customers


Today, everyone expects information at their fingertips. We expect everything from our personal, financial and even medical data to be as close as our mobile phone. But how about our business information?

Too often, the latest information about our customers and products is waiting for us in a stack of file folders in the office. An emergency phone call from a customer may mean a detour back to the office to retrieve the appropriate information. You may need details about a product, and if the specifications are sitting in your file cabinet while you are on the road, that doesn’t help.

When questions arise, your business needs immediate answers. Bid Track Sell makes digging through files, spreadsheets and collateral for critical information a thing of the past. With Bid Track Sell, your entire business is as close as your PC, tablet or mobile phone. Instead of being glued to the office, your business goes with you.

You choose the information you want to share with your reps. Collaboration is easy – your entire team can have the latest customer, product, and project information wherever they are, making them more productive and profitable.

Calendars and reminders ensure you never forget an important meeting or bid. Commission reports are available for you to review with your team members in real time. You no longer need to schedule “office days,” your entire business landscape goes wherever you go. You can also send reminders to your reps to keep them up to date on bids, quotes and customer follow-ups.


With Bid Track Sell, your office can be missing the most important thing of all – YOU. More time out of the office means you have more time to spend with customers, manufacturers and reps, making your business more efficient and profitable. And, Bid Track Sell customer support will help you transfer your data fast and seamlessly. Bid Track Sell enables you to be the expert to your manufacturers and customers. Without the burden of paper, you can answer any question, review any bid, and relay business information immediately without a trip to the office. During face-to-face meetings, you can share real-time reports about your business as part of your presentation. No more feeling blindsided by an unexpected question – your answers will be as close as your mobile device.

Sign up for a free trial today and learn more about how Bid Track Sell can help make your business more profitable.

Kyle Domer