Benefits of a Cloud-Based CRM Solution


The benefits of implementing a CRM system are well documented. According to Salesforce®, which is arguably the world’s #1 CRM solution, their customers see a 37% jump in sales revenue, on average. If you’re not familiar with CRM (customer relationship management) systems, they streamline internal sales processes, automate workflows, and provide real-time reporting on sales pipeline, win/loss ratios, and more.

Manufacturers rep agencies have a lot to gain from implementing a CRM solution. With two of the biggest challenges being a way to effectively manage complex, many-to-many relationships, and the ability to track and report on the real-time status of sales, a CRM system can greatly improve operations and increase profitability for most agencies.

Core Benefits of a CRM Solution*

  • Personalize pitches and win more deals with a complete view of the customer — their account, activity history, and connections

  • Track and manage contacts from lead to customer. Give reps the info they need for a precise follow-up

  • Improve productivity for you and your team with integrated email, easy collaboration, streamlined processes, and a mobile app

  • Automate repetitive tasks and focus on following up, building relationships, and closing deals, not administrative duties

Business Applications in the Cloud

Modern business applications are commonly hosted in the cloud vs. being installed on-premises. And most CRM systems follow that trend. There are numerous benefits to a cloud-based application, for instance, there are low setup costs and no hardware or software to install. Simply register online and gain access. Likewise, when the CRM provider releases a new version, there’s no work required by the customer. Their app is automatically updated. Cloud applications are typically based on a subscription model so the solution easily scales as your business grows and you can add additional licenses at any time without negotiating a new contract. 

Cloud-Based CRMs for Manufacturers Rep Agencies

In addition to the considerable benefits of a cloud-based CRM system, consider the value of having a CRM designed specifically for use in manufacturers rep agencies, and you’ve identified the competitive advantage of Bid Track Sell. This solution, built on the Salesforce® platform, was designed by a manufacturers rep agency owner specifically to follow a rep’s workflow and to better track progress during the sales cycle.

For more detailed information on how the cloud-based CRM solution, Bid Track Sell can streamline your agency’s operations and increase profitability, download the ROI calculator.


Kyle Domer