All the Benefits of Salesforce, Customized for Manufacturers Reps


One of the worst feelings is that sinking pit in my stomach when I know I’ve forgotten something but can’t remember what it is. As the owner of a manufacturer’s rep firm with multiple product lines and reps, when I started to get that feeling more often than I should, I knew I needed a better system for managing information flow. Manila folders, Post-it notes and stand-alone Excel spreadsheets weren’t keeping me as connected to my customers and my reps as I needed to be.

I needed a system that would enable me and my employees to be confident in hitting deadlines and following up with customers on schedule to avoid delayed responses and lost business. No more paper chase. No more phone tag. No more pit in my stomach. That’s what led me to the create Bid Track Sell, a CRM system built on Salesforce and customized specifically for a manufacturer’s reps’ workflow.

Bid Track Sell enables me and my team to keep all of our customer, manufacturer and project information in one place – accessible from our computers, tablets or smartphones. It sends reminders to complete tasks that were committed to and to follow up on outstanding quotes. Names, addresses and project details are at our fingertips, whether we’re in the office or on-site meeting with a customer. Our reps remain in control at all times, and our customers feel confident that they’re working with a rep who truly understands their business.

With Bid Track Sell’s reporting option, I can quickly track and project monthly income. Keeping track of multiple product sales and reconciling sales reports from various manufacturers is fast and easy. In addition, having an overview of my entire business in one place has had unexpected benefits. My reps are in the field most of the time, and it was challenging to understand everything that was happening with their customers. Now that I have access to all of their project information, I can quickly address any important issues or check project status regardless of their location.

Running my business on Bid Track Sell has made our reps are more productive, our manufacturers better informed, and our customers happier. Planning, quoting and sales analysis is effortless. No longer do piles of manila folders take up space in my office nor do I need to search through them for information. Bid Track Sell has saved on operational expenses, reduced administrative headcount, andincreased our revenues by 20 percentyear over year.Sign up for a free trial and find out what Bid Track Sell can do your your business.

Kyle Domer