Stop the communication breakdown! 3 tips to make your data mean more.

Simplify the process, track the right information for the right people, and get results - straightforward. Bid Track Sell reports make it easy to get the right information, at the right time to the right people with targeted output based on an intuitive process built just for reps.

Gloria, an agency owner and provider of high-quality architectural products, is located in a large metropolitan area buzzing with new construction. Fast access to customer and project info is crucial. Gloria’s rep agency is the go-to resource for innovative specialty products, and when it comes to running her agency, she is always looking for ways to be efficient. Martin, Gloria’s top salesperson, manages the agency’s best and most profitable lines; he needs a system that keeps him in front of customers.

Tired of mulling over spreadsheets and their manufacturer’s prescribed Excel file format, Gloria and Martin often felt doubt and frustration creep in when preparing their month-end reports. Busy staying on top of big projects, Gloria repeatedly found herself asking, “Did I get all the quotes? Is the project information current? Are the numbers correct?”

Reps like Gloria and Martin need answers to their most pressing questions, information they can trust, data that is accurate, and valuable, not added difficulty. Every month manufacturer’s reports are due, every month hours are wasted sifting through paper, spreadsheets, emails, and making calls to gather numbers.

They’re ready to stop the madness, get all manufacturers the data they need, and leave the office at a decent hour. 

Make an impact.

Gloria was ready to create a strong impression on her manufacturers and get positive reactions from customers by sharing results in a timely manner. By keeping key data at her fingertips and making her monthly reports a source of pride, not pressure.

Great reporting is the result of consistent entry at every stage of the job from quotes and bids, down to details about order info, submittals, and change orders to track all the companies and people with whom you’ve had contact.

Bid Track Sell gives reps the broadest context possible with visibility to distinct pieces of information that connect the dots across the agency. Finishing out the month and getting a report out to a manufacturer means so much more than just a completed task. It is the ability to analyze the bottom line, which products, salespeople and relationships are performing, and which are not. 


Focus on simplicity.

Create better, more efficient and effective results with a clear path to what is happening in your business. Regular reporting should be stress-free. The hallmark of clean, well-managed data. Project details, quote status, product amounts, salesperson summaries, and all the pertinent details available at-a-glance with the click of a button. This is something Gloria needs. Bid Track Sell’s wide array of standard reports are easy to use, customize, and make her own. 

The labyrinth of details, often a source of anxiety, can be managed in a snap. Track everything about manufacturers, various lines, projects of all sizes, incoming manufacturers quotes, outgoing customer quotes, bids, general contractors, engineers, architects, subs and most importantly your customers, Stop being defeated by unnecessary complexity and discover the benefits of using a CRM created for reps by reps.

Gloria and Martin, sick of drowning in spreadsheets and paper every month, needed a system that would deliver bid details with the related quote and project info. Gloria made the leap to a CRM system that was built specifically for independent reps of multi-line products.


Keep Interactions Informative.

Strengthen your business with a focus on knowledge, gain value by understanding the products and relationships that matter most. Summarize key information for your manufacturers by creating a set of reports that can be scheduled to run at month end.

Your bottom line is clear and accurate, and so are the expectations of your manufacturer. Bid Track Sell is intuitive. Related project information like manufacturer’s order number, project contacts, and the companies they are with, and quote details visible in a related list. Default fields for quotes include bid date, amount, quote status, and probability. Its standard reports targeted at how reps manage projects bids and what they measure most, for example, Monthly Sales, Sales by Person, and Monthly Sales by Product reports. Summarize and filter with dropdown menus. Colorful, easy-to-digest dashboards give you a quick view at login.

Gloria stopped the communication breakdown and let Bid Track Sell help her meet the unique needs of her agency, it operates the way she does by default. It’s ready to use with key workflow automation, customizable to fit the finer nuances of her agency and built on the Salesforce platform, the #1 CRM.

Gloria and Martin think it’s just like magic! Over 20 simple to use standard reports, an intuitive interface, a workflow that matches her agency’s processes and helps her team capture the data their manufacturers need. They can get results, easily access and exchange information with key people. Get a free trial today and see the benefits for yourself.

Kyle Domer