An “Out of the Box” CRM Solution for Manufacturers and Reps

Today’s Manufacturers and their Rep networks have a much larger product selection and customer base than ever before.  The one-to-one relationship model has given way to many-to-many relationships. The sales pipeline is no longer linear -- it’s multi-dimensional.  

Complicating this shift, Manufacturers Reps fall into the small to micro-size business category. At this scale, there is typically no budget for IT, while a first-hand understanding of the highly complex market remains. 

Implementation of Customer Relationship Management software (CRM) can be transformative for any business, big or small. It improves efficiency, customer relationships, and profit margins. It’s so effective that, per data from Nucleus Research, every dollar spent on CRM yields up to $8.71 in revenue for the adopting business.

That’s an impressive ROI -- and it begs the question:

If CRM implementation is so lucrative, why do so many attempts to implement it fail?


In my 18 years of experience working with and representing material manufacturers in the construction and architectural industries, I have repeatedly observed a flawed assumption that can railroad the successful adoption of CRM, and that assumption is that just any CRM will be helpful and functional right out of the box.  

Unfortunately, the adoption failure rate tells us otherwise.   

The reality is that the wrong CRM will actually make the job harder. And no one will use a CRM that makes the job harder.

I learned that the key point to that impressive CRM ROI is implementing the right CRM for Manufacturers and Reps.

‘One-size-fits-all’ CRMs will not fit every business--especially small and micro-businesses, especially in this industry.  Standard configurations are often bloated with extraneous fields and need to be pruned and reorganized in order to optimize functionality. Conversely, they often lack fields that are critical and specific to the job. For example, Reps need the ability to track the relationship of quoting many products to many customers for a particular project and the ability to track the specification rate of products back to the designers. That kind of specificity cannot be found in a run-of-the-mill CRM.

Now, more than ever, Reps need to understand exactly who their customers are and what they are buying in much more detail.

This kind of individualization requires customization. 

So then just get a customized CRM, right?

It’s not that easy. Customized CRMs are very expensive, not only in terms of capital investment but also with respect to manpower and time. Highly customized solutions are reserved for enterprise-level businesses with in-house IT departments and on-site software developers. 

Here we have the tenets of the problem:

  1. Manufacturers and their Representatives need CRM.

  2. The CRM implementation will fail unless it's customized to fit their industry. 

  3. Small and micro-businesses cannot afford customized CRM.

I (probably like you) searched for an existing solution and when I couldn’t find one that worked, I created one.  

Enter Bid Track Sell - a customized CRM configuration available on the Salesforce App Exchange, designed specifically to streamline the complex workflow of Manufacturers and Manufacturers Reps.  

My team built Bid Track Sell on the world's largest and most trusted CRM platform, Salesforce, and finely-tuned our customization so that Manufacturers and their Rep networks can start using it right “out of the box”.  It combines the utility, security, and flexibility of Salesforce with enterprise-grade, industry-specific customizations offering smaller businesses/agencies an effective CRM solution without the exorbitant cost.

In other words, it's a CRM configuration that makes the job easier and that your employees will use

And you can afford it. 

Problem solved. 

There is no equipment upgrade required, safe off-site data storage is included, and any mobile device can be used to meet with customers and access data anytime and anyplace there is an internet connection.  

Win / Win / Win.

In today’s business landscape, Reps and Rep agencies simply cannot afford to miss out on the benefits that a functional CRM offers (‘functional’ being the operative word.) Bid Track Sell offers all the benefits of an enterprise-grade CRM without the customization costs, so that you can redirect your energy to promoting, specifying, and of course -- selling.  

- Bob Foster,  CEO of Bid Track Sell and Foster Engineered Products

Kyle Domer
‘Quote Status’ and ‘Bid Status’ Definitions for Bid Track Sell

One of the key features of Bid Track Sell is that it allows you to access the real-time status of quotes you bid. To ensure accuracy, it's important to understand how to interpret the ‘Quote Status’ and ‘Bid Status’ dropdowns. The definitions below will help you determine which status to use and when to use them, to ensure you have the most current project information at your fingertips.



QUOTE status
Refers to the ‘larger’ picture and speaks to the individual status of each of the quotes you bid to your customers.    

BID status
Drills down to whom you bid the quote (subcontractors, installers, etc.), whether you won or lost the Scope of Work, and the status of each customer bidding on the Scope of Work.  


Quote Status:

  • Design – A Scope of Work that is being defined and designed and is not yet ready for a quote.

  • Budget – There is not enough information to provide a quote, as the project is in the budgeting phase. Typically, budgets consist of square foot pricing or cost per unit of measure.

  • Rebidding – You are sending out a successor or revised quote to the previously issued quote. The original quote remains in the Quote Status until an award has been made, and then is updated as needed.

  • Quoted – A quote has been issued to a bidder(s).

  • Negotiation/Review – A sub or GC has been awarded the Scope of Work in which a quote was issued.  You are negotiating and reviewing the Scope of Work in order to be awarded.

  • Awaiting Award – You have a verbal or LOI and are awaiting an official PO.

  • Awarded – A PO or signed quote is in hand.

  • Lost – Not awarded the product Scope of Work for the project.

  • On Hold – The project/Scope of Work was put on hold.

  • Canceled – The project/Scope of Work was awarded to you and then canceled for ANY reason (other than “No Build”).

  • Value Engineered – The Scope of Work was redesigned and/or deleted from the project.  The project, as a whole, is still moving forward.

  • No Build  - The entire project did not move forward.

  • Awarded to Other – The customer awarded the Scope of Work, on which you bid, to your competitor.

Bid Status:

Update Bid Status as the sale progresses. Once your Bid Status is updated, you then update the Quote Status through the final result.

  • Design – You are working on the design/material/product selection with the customer /bidder /installer /subcontractor protocol.

  • Budget – There is not enough information to provide a quote, as the project is in the budgeting phase.  Typically, budgets consist of square foot pricing or cost per unit of measure.

  • Rebidding – If the quote status is “Rebidding” then all of the Bid Statuses associated with that quote number should be marked “Rebidding”.

  • Quoted -  A quote was issued to a bidder(s).

  • Negotiation/Review – A sub or GC was awarded the Scope of Work for which a quote was issued. You are negotiating and reviewing your Scope of Work in order to be awarded.

  • Awaiting Award – You have a verbal or LOI and are awaiting an official PO.  If Quote Status is “Awaiting Award”, then the Bid Status is also  “Awaiting Award”.

  • Awarded – You have a PO or signed quote in hand.

  • Lost – The GC or Sub did not win the project. *Notice how this differs from the Quote Status, “Lost”.  The quote status “Lost” means the entire project was lost while the Bid Status “Lost” means the customer/ bidder/ installer/ subcontractor lost the Scope of Work.

  • Awarded to Other – The customer awarded the Scope of Work, on which you bid, to your competitor.

  • No Bid – There is a bidder that requested a bid but you are not going to bid them.

  • On Hold – The project/Scope of Work is on hold. If the quote status is “On Hold”, then the Bid Status should show the same. All bidders should be updated to “On Hold”.

  • Canceled – See Quote Status “Canceled” and follow the same protocol. All other bidders are designated “Lost” since they did not win the Scope of Work.

  • Value Engineered – The Scope of Work was redesigned and/or deleted from the project.  The project, as a whole, is still moving forward.

  • No Build - The entire project did not move forward.

Ready to try Bid Track Sell for yourself?

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One rep agency increased sales by 20% year-over-year. Here's how they did it.

Foster Engineered transformed its business over the last 5 years. By implementing one simple solution, the company achieved the following results: 

  • Reduced operations costs by $50,000 per year

  • Increased sales by 20% for the last 4 years

  • Prioritized customers based on sales data

  • Prioritized products based on sales and profit

  • Earned ten multi-million dollar sales awards and two Rep of the Year awards for the first time in its 17-year history

The owner says it’s all a result of implementing Bid Track Sell, a CRM solution for manufacturers reps. It enables his reps to better track sales, respond quicker to quotes and RFPs, and more accurately report on bid pipeline.

Read the case study to learn more or request a free trial to see how Bid Track Sell can help increase your agency’s sales.

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Stop the communication breakdown! 3 tips to make your data mean more.

Simplify the process, track the right information for the right people, and get results - straightforward. Bid Track Sell reports make it easy to get the right information, at the right time to the right people with targeted output based on an intuitive process built just for reps.

Gloria, an agency owner and provider of high-quality architectural products, is located in a large metropolitan area buzzing with new construction. Fast access to customer and project info is crucial. Gloria’s rep agency is the go-to resource for innovative specialty products, and when it comes to running her agency, she is always looking for ways to be efficient. Martin, Gloria’s top salesperson, manages the agency’s best and most profitable lines; he needs a system that keeps him in front of customers.

Tired of mulling over spreadsheets and their manufacturer’s prescribed Excel file format, Gloria and Martin often felt doubt and frustration creep in when preparing their month-end reports. Busy staying on top of big projects, Gloria repeatedly found herself asking, “Did I get all the quotes? Is the project information current? Are the numbers correct?”

Reps like Gloria and Martin need answers to their most pressing questions, information they can trust, data that is accurate, and valuable, not added difficulty. Every month manufacturer’s reports are due, every month hours are wasted sifting through paper, spreadsheets, emails, and making calls to gather numbers.

They’re ready to stop the madness, get all manufacturers the data they need, and leave the office at a decent hour. 

Make an impact.

Gloria was ready to create a strong impression on her manufacturers and get positive reactions from customers by sharing results in a timely manner. By keeping key data at her fingertips and making her monthly reports a source of pride, not pressure.

Great reporting is the result of consistent entry at every stage of the job from quotes and bids, down to details about order info, submittals, and change orders to track all the companies and people with whom you’ve had contact.

Bid Track Sell gives reps the broadest context possible with visibility to distinct pieces of information that connect the dots across the agency. Finishing out the month and getting a report out to a manufacturer means so much more than just a completed task. It is the ability to analyze the bottom line, which products, salespeople and relationships are performing, and which are not. 


Focus on simplicity.

Create better, more efficient and effective results with a clear path to what is happening in your business. Regular reporting should be stress-free. The hallmark of clean, well-managed data. Project details, quote status, product amounts, salesperson summaries, and all the pertinent details available at-a-glance with the click of a button. This is something Gloria needs. Bid Track Sell’s wide array of standard reports are easy to use, customize, and make her own. 

The labyrinth of details, often a source of anxiety, can be managed in a snap. Track everything about manufacturers, various lines, projects of all sizes, incoming manufacturers quotes, outgoing customer quotes, bids, general contractors, engineers, architects, subs and most importantly your customers, Stop being defeated by unnecessary complexity and discover the benefits of using a CRM created for reps by reps.

Gloria and Martin, sick of drowning in spreadsheets and paper every month, needed a system that would deliver bid details with the related quote and project info. Gloria made the leap to a CRM system that was built specifically for independent reps of multi-line products.


Keep Interactions Informative.

Strengthen your business with a focus on knowledge, gain value by understanding the products and relationships that matter most. Summarize key information for your manufacturers by creating a set of reports that can be scheduled to run at month end.

Your bottom line is clear and accurate, and so are the expectations of your manufacturer. Bid Track Sell is intuitive. Related project information like manufacturer’s order number, project contacts, and the companies they are with, and quote details visible in a related list. Default fields for quotes include bid date, amount, quote status, and probability. Its standard reports targeted at how reps manage projects bids and what they measure most, for example, Monthly Sales, Sales by Person, and Monthly Sales by Product reports. Summarize and filter with dropdown menus. Colorful, easy-to-digest dashboards give you a quick view at login.

Gloria stopped the communication breakdown and let Bid Track Sell help her meet the unique needs of her agency, it operates the way she does by default. It’s ready to use with key workflow automation, customizable to fit the finer nuances of her agency and built on the Salesforce platform, the #1 CRM.

Gloria and Martin think it’s just like magic! Over 20 simple to use standard reports, an intuitive interface, a workflow that matches her agency’s processes and helps her team capture the data their manufacturers need. They can get results, easily access and exchange information with key people. Get a free trial today and see the benefits for yourself.

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Keeping a Competitive Edge as a Manufacturers Rep Agency

You have built your agency and portfolio of manufacturers over the years by skill and persistence. You not only know your business and market inside and out, you know your manufacturers’ as well. And they know it, which is why they chose you to represent them.

But how do you keep that competitive edge as your business and portfolio continue to grow? How can you continually reassure your manufacturers that they made the best choice? You work hard to stay on top of your manufacturers’ needs and requests. But working hard does not always mean working smart. If you find yourself digging through files to find critical information or spending hours pulling together presentations, you risk dropping the ball. Bid Track Sell can help.


Bid Track Sell enables you to get rid of those files, folders, and spreadsheets and put them in a safe, secure place – right at your fingertips.  Everything you need to know about your business, reps, customers and manufacturers are accessible through your PC, tablet or mobile device. You no longer need to depend on “in-office days” to pull together information for quotes and reports – it's all right in front of you, no matter where you are.

Your manufacturers will appreciate that you have all of your quotes, forecasts, customer and prospect information ready to access in real-time.  You won’t need to stumble when answering unexpected questions – your entire business landscape will be right in front of you, ready to share. Face-to-face meetings will become infinitely more productive and you’ll be able to work with your manufacturer to handle any pending needs on the spot.

Requests for quotes and actual bids can be sent and tracked through Bid Track Sell.  You’ll never miss an important meeting – your calendar and contact list will be at your fingertips. You’ll even get reminders so you’ll never forget a follow up.  Sales tracking couldn’t be easier with Bid Track Sell – everything is compiled in one place. There’s no need to mesh together multiple spreadsheets. And Bid Track Sell can easily generate charts and graphs to help you illustrate your presentations.

Bid Track Sell will keep you organized, efficient and productive, helping you and your manufacturers improve profitability.  With market and business information immediately accessible, you will become the go-to expert for those you represent. This means you are less likely to hear those dreaded words: “We’ve decided to make a change...”

Your manufacturers hired you because they knew you were the best. Show them they were right every day, with the help of Bid Track Sell.

Sign up for a free trial and see how you can gain a competitive edge and provide even more value to your manufacturers.

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Benefits of a Cloud-Based CRM Solution

The benefits of implementing a CRM system are well documented. According to Salesforce®, which is arguably the world’s #1 CRM solution, their customers see a 37% jump in sales revenue, on average. If you’re not familiar with CRM (customer relationship management) systems, they streamline internal sales processes, automate workflows, and provide real-time reporting on sales pipeline, win/loss ratios, and more.

Manufacturers rep agencies have a lot to gain from implementing a CRM solution. With two of the biggest challenges being a way to effectively manage complex, many-to-many relationships, and the ability to track and report on the real-time status of sales, a CRM system can greatly improve operations and increase profitability for most agencies.

Core Benefits of a CRM Solution*

  • Personalize pitches and win more deals with a complete view of the customer — their account, activity history, and connections

  • Track and manage contacts from lead to customer. Give reps the info they need for a precise follow-up

  • Improve productivity for you and your team with integrated email, easy collaboration, streamlined processes, and a mobile app

  • Automate repetitive tasks and focus on following up, building relationships, and closing deals, not administrative duties

Business Applications in the Cloud

Modern business applications are commonly hosted in the cloud vs. being installed on-premises. And most CRM systems follow that trend. There are numerous benefits to a cloud-based application, for instance, there are low setup costs and no hardware or software to install. Simply register online and gain access. Likewise, when the CRM provider releases a new version, there’s no work required by the customer. Their app is automatically updated. Cloud applications are typically based on a subscription model so the solution easily scales as your business grows and you can add additional licenses at any time without negotiating a new contract. 

Cloud-Based CRMs for Manufacturers Rep Agencies

In addition to the considerable benefits of a cloud-based CRM system, consider the value of having a CRM designed specifically for use in manufacturers rep agencies, and you’ve identified the competitive advantage of Bid Track Sell. This solution, built on the Salesforce® platform, was designed by a manufacturers rep agency owner specifically to follow a rep’s workflow and to better track progress during the sales cycle.

For more detailed information on how the cloud-based CRM solution, Bid Track Sell can streamline your agency’s operations and increase profitability, download the ROI calculator.


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Never Miss a Quote Follow-up Again

Quotes are critical to the sales process. You know the competition has a quote submitted to your prospect as well. Staying on top of the process and connected to your contact can make or break the deal. Yet with all the other tasks on your plate how can you be sure to not miss a quote follow-up call?

Seasoned reps make notes on calendars or sticky notes or email themselves reminders. These tactics may increase their odds of remembering but are imperfect and require additional work. And what if that rep is unexpectedly out of the office? How does anyone else know what open quotes are to be follow up on and when?

Agencies using a company-wide CRM system have the advantage of a centralized database with all project information available to everyone who needs it. A CRM brings everyone into the loop with a systematic approach helping to ensure those all-important follow-ups get made on time, every time. A CRM specifically designed for manufacturer reps ensures the entire team has a single view of project status and understands next steps.

In the Bid Track Sell CRM system, entering quote statuses automatically generate a follow-up reminder assigned to the quote or project owner. The quote information is entered and stored in the system and tied to the project, account, contact, and manufacturer.   

When the follow up date arrives a Task will show up on the “My Tasks” list on the Home screen. And when they select the quote to follow up, all the pertinent information displays on their screen (phone numbers, emails, contact, and product). 

In addition, each time a quote status is updated, the system updates the win/loss data for the project, account, contact, product and manufacturer. Pre-programmed reports are automatically updated with this information providing accurate sales data in real time.

No IT department or IT person required. Bid Track Sell is ready to use. Try it for yourself by signing up for a free trial. If you prefer to talk to an experienced manufacturers rep who is using Bid Track Sell, contact us!

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Eliminate “Office Days” and Increase Time with your Customers

Today, everyone expects information at their fingertips. We expect everything from our personal, financial and even medical data to be as close as our mobile phone. But how about our business information?

Too often, the latest information about our customers and products is waiting for us in a stack of file folders in the office. An emergency phone call from a customer may mean a detour back to the office to retrieve the appropriate information. You may need details about a product, and if the specifications are sitting in your file cabinet while you are on the road, that doesn’t help.

When questions arise, your business needs immediate answers. Bid Track Sell makes digging through files, spreadsheets and collateral for critical information a thing of the past. With Bid Track Sell, your entire business is as close as your PC, tablet or mobile phone. Instead of being glued to the office, your business goes with you.

You choose the information you want to share with your reps. Collaboration is easy – your entire team can have the latest customer, product, and project information wherever they are, making them more productive and profitable.

Calendars and reminders ensure you never forget an important meeting or bid. Commission reports are available for you to review with your team members in real time. You no longer need to schedule “office days,” your entire business landscape goes wherever you go. You can also send reminders to your reps to keep them up to date on bids, quotes and customer follow-ups.


With Bid Track Sell, your office can be missing the most important thing of all – YOU. More time out of the office means you have more time to spend with customers, manufacturers and reps, making your business more efficient and profitable. And, Bid Track Sell customer support will help you transfer your data fast and seamlessly. Bid Track Sell enables you to be the expert to your manufacturers and customers. Without the burden of paper, you can answer any question, review any bid, and relay business information immediately without a trip to the office. During face-to-face meetings, you can share real-time reports about your business as part of your presentation. No more feeling blindsided by an unexpected question – your answers will be as close as your mobile device.

Sign up for a free trial today and learn more about how Bid Track Sell can help make your business more profitable.

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Bid Track Sell Officially Launches App for Manufacturer Reps

Revolutionizing the way reps conduct business across the supply chain, Bid Track Sell is a mobile-friendly app that automates workflow and provides business intelligence


PHOENIX, AZ, March 4, 2019 - Bid Track Sell is a new CRM application customized for manufacturer reps and built on the Salesforce platform. It automates a rep’s workflow from the beginning to the end of their sales process and is now available to all manufacturer reps. By enabling real-time tracking of bids, quotes, and sales, Bid Track Sell saves hours a day, speeds
response time, improves project win rates, and enables financial analysis of customers, product lines, and projects.

Unlike traditional operating methods such as faxing, printing, filing, and using spreadsheets, Bid Track Sell captures all project data and contact information in a central location. It prioritizes tasks and sends reminders to each user streamlining the sales process and enabling easy interactions with manufacturers, bidders, projects, quotes, contractors, subcontractors, designers, and more. By operating on an automated system, reps eliminate misplaced data and greatly reduce delayed responses and lost deals.

The mobile-friendly app is accessible 24 x 7 from any device enabling all company employees to interact with the data simultaneously. With this real-time access, employees can easily step into new projects fully up-to-speed. Business analysis is greatly simplified from searching the status of outstanding bids, to analyzing employee productivity, and reporting on project win/loss ratios.

“Bid Track Sell was created out of a need for process improvement in my business,” said Bob Foster, Co-founder of the company. “Working with the Salesforce experts at MH2X, we designed the workflow specifically for the needs of manufacturer reps. Transitioning to Bid Track Sell has saved my manufacturer rep agency in expenses and enabled me to identify which products are most profitable. Using this tool has helped improve operations and increase sales 20% year over year.”

The solution, built by Co-founder, Marisa Hambleton, improves collaboration across the supply chain including manufacturers, bidders, contractors, subcontractors, and designers. With the ability to easily manage these complex, many-to-many relationships, the application streamlines and shortens the process overall and provides data intelligence that enables better business decisions.

About Bid Track Sell
Dedicated to improving manufacturer rep efficiency and profitability, Bid Track Sell is changing the way manufacturer reps conduct business enabling them to save time, effort, and cost.

Designed by an industry veteran to better track the phases from design through sales, the system is customized to follow the workflow of manufacturer reps and improve business results for both reps and manufacturers.

Media contact:
Melissa Lautzenhiser | 614-205-6050 |

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All the Benefits of Salesforce, Customized for Manufacturers Reps

One of the worst feelings is that sinking pit in my stomach when I know I’ve forgotten something but can’t remember what it is. As the owner of a manufacturer’s rep firm with multiple product lines and reps, when I started to get that feeling more often than I should, I knew I needed a better system for managing information flow. Manila folders, Post-it notes and stand-alone Excel spreadsheets weren’t keeping me as connected to my customers and my reps as I needed to be.

I needed a system that would enable me and my employees to be confident in hitting deadlines and following up with customers on schedule to avoid delayed responses and lost business. No more paper chase. No more phone tag. No more pit in my stomach. That’s what led me to the create Bid Track Sell, a CRM system built on Salesforce and customized specifically for a manufacturer’s reps’ workflow.

Bid Track Sell enables me and my team to keep all of our customer, manufacturer and project information in one place – accessible from our computers, tablets or smartphones. It sends reminders to complete tasks that were committed to and to follow up on outstanding quotes. Names, addresses and project details are at our fingertips, whether we’re in the office or on-site meeting with a customer. Our reps remain in control at all times, and our customers feel confident that they’re working with a rep who truly understands their business.

With Bid Track Sell’s reporting option, I can quickly track and project monthly income. Keeping track of multiple product sales and reconciling sales reports from various manufacturers is fast and easy. In addition, having an overview of my entire business in one place has had unexpected benefits. My reps are in the field most of the time, and it was challenging to understand everything that was happening with their customers. Now that I have access to all of their project information, I can quickly address any important issues or check project status regardless of their location.

Running my business on Bid Track Sell has made our reps are more productive, our manufacturers better informed, and our customers happier. Planning, quoting and sales analysis is effortless. No longer do piles of manila folders take up space in my office nor do I need to search through them for information. Bid Track Sell has saved on operational expenses, reduced administrative headcount, andincreased our revenues by 20 percentyear over year.Sign up for a free trial and find out what Bid Track Sell can do your your business.

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Increase Profitability with a CRM Specifically for Manufacturers Reps

CRM solutions have transformed countless businesses from being mildly profitable into lean, mean operating machines. Companies commonly report increasing sales revenue and slashing operating expenses with a new implementation. The value has been proven time after time.

Out of the box, CRM systems come with a powerful set of core capabilities and are also designed for easy customizations, add-ons, and integrations so businesses can tailor their system to create the most effective business automation tools possible for their unique organizations.

Choosing an industry-specific CRM provides the additional benefit of implementing a solution that has already been tailored to address industry needs without having to work through a lengthy customization process on your own. It’s essentially a plug-and-play tool, customized to follow a manufacturers reps sales process and achieve business results almost immediately.

Top 4 Ways Manufacturers Reps Can Increase Profitability with a CRM

Whether your business goals are to increase sales, improve profitability, or reduce costs, a good first step is a CRM system. With a clear view into business operations you will be more informed and better able to prepare an accurate forecast, review sales pipeline, and make decisions that eliminate waste and streamline processes.

Access Contact & Project Details 24 x 7 
CRM systems capture all critical data in one place. No more hunting for emails, files in the cloud, printouts in folders, or Post-it notes on desks. Every communication, file, and contact is available for all users to see simultaneously, from any device, anywhere.

Administrators can find documents when reps are in the field, managers can review project status at any time, and peers can easily get up to speed on a new account and take over quickly if a co-worker is unavailable.

Avoid Delayed Responses and Lost Deals
With the many players involved in a manufacturers reps sales cycle, from manufacturers and architects to builders and customers, keeping all the communication for any given project straight is difficult. Lengthy sales cycles add to the challenge of staying organized and keeping projects on track.

CRM systems automatically track all communication and clearly show who is involved in every project for easy tracking. It can also send reps automated tasks so that next steps are clear. As a result, important stages in the sales process are less likely to be missed.

Analyze Business Information
In a paper-based organization, it can be difficult to get an accurate picture of project status or build a realistic pipeline. With business communications housed in each employee’s email and on paper (somewhere) it’s hard for an agency owner to find the information he/she is looking for at any given time. Tracking profitability by customer or product is nearly impossible.

With a CRM system implemented, dashboards and reporting are available with a click. You have a clear view of the state of your business and can easily analyze critical business data like revenue by product and employee productivity.

Decrease Operating Expenses
Operating from a CRM system (vs a paper tracking system) decreases operating costs overall by significantly reducing the cost of supplies like paper, ink, and folders. More significantly it reduces space requirements for physical filing systems and may eliminate headcount.

Try a Custom Manufacturers Rep CRM System In your Business at No Charge

Bid Track Sell is built on Salesforce and mirrors the workflow of a manufacturers rep. The pre-built system helps independent manufacturers reps easily access and use their business data to transform their business. It helps reduce costs and improve win-rates which enhances the value of your business. To find out how much more effective your manufacturers rep agency can be, sign up for a demo and free trial of the leading CRM solution for manufacturers reps.

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