Bid Track Sell

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A CRM for Manufacturers Reps, Distributors and Manufacturers built on the Salesforce Platform.


Stop Stacking, Start Tracking.
Bid Track Sell works for you, coordinating your data, sorting your bids and proactively prompting you to follow up on open quotes.  

Bid Track Sell tracks the many-to-many relationships of one or multiple products quoted to one or multiple customers. Projects, quotes, products, accounts, contacts are all related and important and Bid Track Sell organizes and coordinates these relationships in an App efficiently so you can spend your time promoting, specifying and selling.


Why Use Bid Track Sell?


Improve Productivity

Free yourself from papers and files. Enter, update and track the relationships between manufacturers, bidders, projects, quotes, contractors, subcontractors, and designers.


Uncover Insights

Built-in graphs that display business trends. Standard reports to view quote status, bid pipelines, sold percentage analysis, commission reviews, and manufacturer forecasting.


Access Information On the Go

Access your information via smartphone, tablet, or laptop.


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