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Stop Stacking.  Start Tracking.  Free Trial.

Stop Stacking. Start Tracking. Free Trial.

Bid Track Sell has totally changed the way manufacturer’s reps do business. This unique program boasts easy to use tools and stunning visuals to help you get organized and run the business you have always wanted. Manage sales, follow up with clients, and even forecast sales trends, all on a professional software you can access anytime, anywhere.. Start your free trial today.

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Insights you need to run your business.

Insights you need to run your business.

The more data you enter into BTS, the more useful it becomes to you. The system can begin identifying trends in your business so you can review each customer and determine the value of the relationship. With BTS, you can: See daily sales and track monthly commissions. Easily generate accurate forecasts based your own data. Know which of your products are selling -- and in what timeframe and industries. Track your pipeline of quotes.

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  • BID

    Get a real-time view of your bids with next-gen features made specifically for your business. Automatic reminders are set every time you enter a quote, and pre-programmed reports summarize all your bid statuses for you, so you always know which bid to follow up on.

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    Let us take care of the hard stuff. Our customized program identifies your business’ needs and organizes your data in a way that makes sense to you. Keep tabs on all your project’s details such as bid dates, quote status, who you quoted, and success rates of clients.

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  • SELL

    Sometimes the most important work happens after a sale is closed. We offer an easy way to manage contract modifications, sample product orders, submittals, and change orders so you can ensure every client walks away with the best experience.

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"As a multi-line rep, this program easily helps me keep track of multiple product sales under one project. The reporting options help me quickly reconcile sales reports I recieve from each manufacture I represent and help me track and project monthly income. The creators at Bid Track Sell where agreeable to making a few adjustments to dropdown lists that were relevant to my specific market. A great tool for multi-line reps!"


Mary B.


"Having only used BTS for little over 3 months now and back input data from the first of the year, we as multi line reps can start to see fruits of our labor. Its a organized system of data all in one place. Having different reps in different territories this allows us to get a handle on the entire business as a whole. No more second guessing when items are going to close/post. No more hand notes on paper or paper files on each project. Its all right at your finger tips with any Smart Phone, Tablet or Computer. Reports let you follow up on prospective clients and new leads, previous quotes and so much more. This is the tip of the benefits, we learn and explore items each week with its abilities. Thanks for such a great product. Highly recommend!"


Jim C.


This program has allowed us to eliminate many of the paper files that take up so much space. With just a few short clicks I am able to easily locate and access information for any project or contact. The creators at Bid Track Sell even helped us customize portions of the program to best fit our business needs.


Jesiy B.

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